Daylight Music

Music, tea & cake in a welcoming space. An event for all ages in London & Kent. Established in April 2009.

Spring Season 2024

Some News - we are flipping-excited to tell you we’ve been awarded an National Lottery Project Grants for 2024. This grant alongside the support from our recent crowdfunder means that we can now continue our series with an 18-date season across London & Kent.  Music, tea & cake in a welcoming space. An event for all ages. It's a privilege to continue in our 15th year!

DM372: 97 Ensemble, >Σ + Kay Elizabeth at St John's Leytonstone
22/06/2024 DM373: James M. Creed presents at St John's Leytonstone
06/07/2024 DM374: SYRINX, Haymanot Tesfa + Ben See at St John's Leytonstone
20/07/2024 DM375: Victoria Hume, Kinbote + Sara Wolff at St John's Leytonstone
21/07/2024 DM376: Victoria Hume, Kinbote + Sara Wolff (encore) at The Hot Tin, Faversham

“Daylight Music offers a chance to just drop in, listen to some wonderful music and soak up the venue’s lovely atmosphere.”
- Time Out, 101 things to do in London

There is something magical about experiencing music in the daytime, to shaking off the week and starting the weekend in style - this is and has been Arctic Circle’s Daylight Music since April 2009, over fifteen years and over 370 Editions

We’re taking a moment to appreciate our reimagined series. It now has feet and legs and has regularly travels to our welcoming home in Leytonstone, and we even take the event outside of London to Faversham in Kent.

Whether it’s the regulars, the as-and-whens, the must-catch-that-one, the occasionals, the when-in-towns, the newbies or volunteers, many have come to depend on that moment of human interaction, catching up on the week with hands around a warming cup of tea or coffee, with sunlight streaming through the stained glass window, starting the weekend on a beautiful note or in this case many notes and melodies.

We'd love to keep you in the loop with all our news and upcoming events which we can do via our newsletter or you can of course follow us on social media - facebook, twitter or instagram. BTW if you do have any question please also feel free to email us

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