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A pause

The first ten and a 1/3rd years

I have a sad update to share in regards to our event series. After eleven years and 333 events Daylight Music is taking a pause or step away at least temporarily from its home in the Union Chapel. This is not the end though. More of that in a moment.

What has Daylight Music been so far? A question I’ve always found harder to answer succinctly as the event and its ambitions have evolved. But mainly it has supported over a thousand artists and allowed them to showcase their talents in front one of the most welcoming family audiences in London. It’s been an introduction to new music, new projects and collaborations, weird and wonderful instruments, without fail in all weathers. It has made the weekend and the world a little better.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay credit to all those who have helped deliver our event each week – from the team of tireless volunteers, café and chapel staff, technicians and of course the musicians from around the world who have woken up insanely early to be with us. Not forgetting London Best Venue and its financial support, belief and pride taking us to this point.

How can you help? Well I’d love to hear from anyone who can help us find a new home in London or beyond, or anyone that has experience or can support us in fundraising efforts and energy.

We will need all your help for the next step, but we need to devise that first!

What has become apparent to me personally with this series is how transformative music can be and how important it is in 2020; our expedition into new music will continue…

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Ben Eshmade
Daylight Music / Arctic Circle

Improvisation with Nils Økland, Kaidi Akinnibi & Lorenz Okello-Osengor + Helena Kay & Sam Watts 16/11/2 | Photo – Cath Dupuy

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