Jay Chakravorty at St John's Leytonstone ©Kat Ciemiega
Jay Chakravorty at St John's Leytonstone © Kat Ciemiega

If you are a musician of any genre, style, age or background who is interested in performing at Arctic Circle’s Daylight Music in the future then please email Ben (producer and curator) at

Ideally your email would include:
- a little about yourself
- a little about your music and any current project or releases
- a link to where we could hear your music (bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube etc)
- a live video would be a bonus

That’s it - don’t attach any large files to the email and we appreciate the effort but there is no need to send an elaborate ‘pitch’ about your music.

Please be patient we us. Our series depends on fundraising and our series are planned a long way (sometime a year) in advance. Also every event is now built around a theme of curation. We don't work on a slot system, everything is curation or glued together with love and attention. 

It would be lovely to hear from you, especially those who would normally feel nervous about reaching out to an established series like this. Alternatively we encourage artists to coming up and saying hi in person at a future event.

For us an important starting point with a season is  the idea of presenting something new [our tag line is ‘an expedition into new music’], whether that is an artist, ensemble, project, type of music, instrument or a story within the music or sound.

Our focus is working with artists who don’t always have a platform and we question ourselves, throughout the curation process, to ensure we have a balance in what we present. We work with artists and ensembles who share our ideals and ambitions in this regard.

Where possible as we are a community based series (local and musical) we encourage past, present and future performers coming along and supporting the event in person where possible. We are nothing without our audience, community, supporters and friends.

Ben (Daylight Music)